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What is Zoomfab?

Zoomfab is a web-based asset management and machine monitoring tool, provided on a low monthly subscription basis.

What are the main benefits of the asset management features?

Do you really know the true cost of your machinery? How do you work out your hourly rates? Without a basic understanding of these factors every single quote you raise is based on guesswork. Zoomfab allows you to accurately calculate the costs of your equipment over its lifetime

What are the main benefits of the machine monitoring/analytics features?

The benefits are too numerous to list here, and are often unique to each company. Machine monitoring will give you a true understanding of your utilisation.

For example, one customer discovered that operators were arriving in the morning and switching on a CNC laser, but may not be running jobs for several hours. By only powering on the machine when it was needed they saved several thousand pounds per year in electricity alone, plus reduced maintenance hours.

Do I have to take both asset management and machine monitoring/analytics?

No. Many customers start with asset management, as this requires no hardware and you can be up and running extremely quickly. However, the benefits of monitoring and analysing your equipment are clear. Also, our low-cost subscription ensures that your return on investment is immediate.

Pricing and Billing

How is billing handled?

Billing is handled in advance of the subscribed period.

Installation (machine monitoring)

How long does installation (of sensors) take?

Depending on the machine, installation can take literally a few minutes. Sensors and gateways are configured prior to shipment to the customer, meaning that it's simply a case of sensors being attached to the machine and powered up.

Installation of many machines can therefore be done in a single day.

Are sensors hardwired to PLC/Controller?

No! One of the key strengths of ZOOMFAB is that sensors are non-invasive and do not need to be hard-wired to the controller or PLC.

How do sensors communicate with the gateway?

Our sensors use an extremely low-power wireless signal to connect to the gateway. As a result, battery life can be anywhere up to 10 years. You can check the battery life of sensors at any time.

Will installation of sensors affect my machine warranty?

Almost all sensors that we install are outside of the controler and PLC, so will not affect your warranty or restrict you in any way.

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