ZOOMFAB® KEY FEATURESZOOMFAB®Machine manufacturer solutions
Cloud application (Saas) Yes   
Subscription (monthly, annually) Yes
Contract free Yes
Data backup per user (excludes images and documents) Yes
GDPR compliant Yes
Asset database Yes
Asset acquisition and finance management Yes
Warranty period monitoring Yes
Insurance management Yes
Maintenance and calibration management Yes Yes*
Dashboard (individual asset, all assets) Yes
Current asset value Yes
Remaining finance and last payment date Yes
Asset recovery rate calculation Yes
Reports Yes
Asset QR label generator Yes
Document database Yes
Note taker with user ID, day stamp and classification Yes
Mobile phone or Tablet instant asset recognition with full asset and document database access Yes
Asset disposal management Yes
CRM and SRM    
Company and contact database Yes
SRM link to asset management functions Yes
Machine ON/OFF status Yes
Machine utilization (operation/idle) Yes
Power requirement (kW) Yes
Energy consumption (kWh) Yes
Weekly / Monthly / Half yearly utilization analytics Yes
Yes *
Weekly / Monthly / Half yearly energy consumption and cost analytics Yes No 
Weekly / Monthly / Half yearly idle energy consumption and cost analytics Yes
Generated revenue (in real time) Yes No 
Weekly / Monthly / Half yearly generated revenue analytics Yes
Ability to monitor different brands of machines Yes
Non-invasive sensors, long range, long battery life** Yes
Security (machine control not connected to internet) Yes
Privacy (machine data not shared with manufacturer) Yes
Work Centre configuration and management Yes
Workforce management Yes
Overhead calculation Yes
Manufacturing operation configuration Yes
Manufacturing operation hourly rate calculation Yes  

* Limited to machinery and single brand only 
** Range 300m, battery life 2 to 4 years

Industry 4.0

With over 25 years of experience, in era of Industry 4.0, we conceived ZOOMFAB® to address the needs of manufacturing business, small and large, one which is constantly searching for the most effective way to improve machine availability and utilization.

Know where you stand

Regardless of how ambitious your plans are, if your machinery is not utilized as planned, you will end up with more stress, late deliveries, upset customers and losing profit. Let ZOOMFAB® help you fulfil your plans by providing you with real-time information about your machine utilization.

Fix the problems

Do you wonder why the same job always takes a different amount of time? Are you filling up forms, chasing numbers, listening to excuses or blaming wrong estimates? ZOOMFAB® monitoring will provide you with a very different picture, pointing you to the problem which could be with machine capacity, need for better tooling, breakdowns, staff discipline or poor management.  

Increased Profit

With ZOOMFAB® you will get a better understanding of your business, improve work center utilization, increase production throughput and be able to take on new work. All of this will contribute to more profit. Guaranteed.

Plan investment

ZOOMFAB® will help you increase existing machine capacity. You don't need to buy new machines or replace the old ones until you are sure you need them. Use your financial resources on something more important, like expanding your existing business or take on a new opportunity.

Confidential Monitoring

ZOOMFAB® monitors machine activity with sophisticated but easy to install non-invasive sensors and gateways. They provide uninterrupted data flow without the need to connect your machine controllers to the internet or rely on solutions provided by machine manufacturers. Keep your equipment safe and your data confidential.

And much more...

ZOOMFAB® offers lots of other clever features which include comprehensive asset database, document management, CRM/SRM, note taker, maintenance and calibration scheduler, asset valuation, machinery utilization analytics, factory configurator, overhead calculator, use of energy analytics and many more.

Being cloud-based and accessible from any computer or mobile device, ZOOMFAB® will provide you with the vital business information instantly when you needed it, wherever you are.

Getting Started


As a web-based system, ZOOMFAB®can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection.

Simple setup

Setting up your company is easy, it will only take few minutes. Fill in your address and contact details.

Company settings

Now select your company language, add currency and date format. You can also set up your day counters, which will warn you about the upcoming events like warranty expiration, maintenance and calibration.

Admin Tasks

Being an administrator, your last task is to add users and assign their access level. They will be automatically invited to join. It is very simple and without any complicated administration work.

Complete setup

Once users respond to your email invitation, all they have to do is fill in their name and phone number, select their preferred language and add their photo. This is all. Now you are ready to start using ZOOMFAB®.

The application of Industry 4.0 requires, above all, well organised information and processes.

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